20 years’ experience
From the beginning of our activity we have been
creating with the thought of the man and the environment

We know that the selective collection favours the environment protection thanks
to which we can enjoy the clean and beautiful surrounding.
To favour the environment, we offer containers for the segregation of various types of waste.

Production offer

Containers for the waste segregation

  • for the selective waste collection
  • for the used battery collection
  • for the outdated medicine collection

Detectible warning systems of the BRAILLE type

  • resistant to the atmospheric influence, temperature fluctuations, UV radiation, salt, etc.
  • the high attrition, compressive and mechanical damage strength

Acrylic baths

  • the long-lasting water heat preservation thanks to the use of acrylic
  • a wide choice of sizes and shapes

Stadium chairs

  • made of polyester resin
  • the high resistance to mechanical operations and atmospheric conditions
  • various colouring

EKOTECH Józef Rząsa, Tadeusz Stanowski
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