Detectable warning systems of the "BRAILLE" type

Dear Sirs/Madams, The "EKOTECH" Company, General Partnership, would like to present you our product which is a detectable warning system of the "BRAILLE" type.

The idea of our product has its pattern in the United States where this type of products has been already used since the 1980s, however the legal regulation deciding on the compulsory installation of tactile signs on the railway platforms was legislated in 1991.

The "BRAILLE" tile is a kind of horizontal marking installed, for example, on the edge of the platform surface without the necessity to interfere with the existing surface. Its dimensions are 60 cm x 50 cm. The structure of the tile are dots of 20 mm in diameter and 6 mm high distributed evenly on the surface of the tile about 50 mm from one another which cause that it is perfectly detectable under the feet. The additional element aiding the localization by the blind is a distinct and characteristic sound created while moving canes for the blind on the tile surface. The size of our product is not accidental because 60 cm is a width which does not allow the blind to cross it without stepping on it or touching it with the blind cane previously which is proved by research.
The colouring of our tile is permitted but yellow is recommended as it is the most noticeable colour by the blind.

The materials used in the production by us are of the highest quality which causes that our product is extremely resistant, low abrasive and non-flammable which is proved by the results of technical research carried out in the Research and Development Centre of Paint, Glue and Polymers. The tile was examined for abrasion, which was performed by abrading the surface of the tile with noble electrocorundum for 18 hours. On finishing the examination, the mass decrease was 2% out of 4% of the permissible loss. The tile was also tested for hardness, resistance to hits and resistance to scratches. It passed all of these tests twice outdoing the required norms. The laboratory experiments also showed that the tile of the "BRAILLE" type is resistant to the influence of frost, road salt and oils. Our product is characterised by the resistance to aging proved by the test in which the tile was exposed to the UVA radiation for 500 hours. After finishing the experiment, the colour and the properties of the tile did not change. On finishing the tasks the final opinion states that the tested tiles of the "BRAILLE" type fulfil the assumed requirements and can be used as warning tiles at bus stops, underground stations, railway platforms and crossings and any elements of road architecture where the warning marking is required for the blind.

The tile of the "BRAILLE" type has received the positive opinions of associations for the blind and the attestation of the National Institution of Hygiene.

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